Designing a New Filing System

Where to begin,  starting, can seem overwhelming when considering a new filing system.  Designing, deliverying and implementing  a solution based on your organization's records use is our specialty.  ZPC manufactures custom filing products in addition we offer an extensive line of stock on the shelf filing products. 

Filing Survey
Our team will provide you a FREE product design, sample, pricing and will recommend a filing and storage method. For a productive solution to your records storage, retention and retrieval needs please  invest 2-3 minutes  and complete the suvery DESCRIPTION OF MY CURRENT FILING SYSTEM


Folder/Pocket Design
Product selection and design is based on the demands of your filing activity. ZPC will assist with material selection, sizing and construction to ensuring that your files will last for the lifetime of your record!  ZPC is capable of of constructing a tabbing system for all storage methods.

Size - Letter, Legal. Custom
Style - Top or End Tab, Hanging, Pocketed
Material - Manila, Pressboard, Colors
Expansion - Flat, 2" and Larger

Storage Methods
The majority of paper based filing systems are stored  in one of these ways; (3) storage methods; Storage for items such as Radiology Film, CD's, artwork and photographs are based on specific requirements.

Open Shelf Filing
Pull Drawer Cabinets
Lateral Filing Cabinets

Filing Method
Determining your most productive filing method is based on a variety of factors; Commonly used filing methods are based on names, account and billing numbers. The total number of records will dictate which method typically is most productive.  In addition to the volume of records, frequency of use, and the length of time a record is maintained impacts the filing method.


Internal  Folder Organization
The inside of a record should offer an intutive roadmap for immediate access to adding and retrieving information from the record. The more documents and information within the folder/pocket the greater the need for additional organization.  

File Fasteners - Info2sort®
Inner Partitions/Pockets
Indexing Tab Dividers

Color Coding
Increase staff productivity with color coded labeling systems which provides visual reassurance that a returned file is int it's appropriate location.  The greatest benefit of color coding  is when a misfile occurrs. Nothing is worse than a misfile and the panic that follows when a record is misplaced or lost. Having confidence that your staff has the ability to locate file in a productive manner is essential. Color designation significantly reduces the amount of lost staff hours when given the task of locating a missing file.     


The use of storage shelf guides and labeling will assist your staff with an initial start up.  ZPC offers turnkey filing system integrations,  conversions of multiple sytems as well as on site project management.