Classification Folder Top Tab 2023 Series Letter Size 3 Inner Panels

Price: $280.00
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Classification Folder, 2023 Series Top Tab 25pt Type III Pressboard, Letter Size with 3" expansion;  Available in Nine (9) Colors. The Top Tab is 2/5th Tab Cut and is (ROC) Right of Center.  Pressboard is ideal material for heavy documents and long term use. Top tab folder works well with pull drawer and lateral style filing systems.

              (3) Three Inner Panels with duo-fasteners at the top, 1/3rd Tab Cut in Positions #1, #2, #3.

                 (8)  Total Fasteners, Positions #1 and # 3 ( inside left and right panels) and both sides on inner panels.

Available in 9 colors: 

Blue, Dark
Blue, Light
Green, Goverment
Red, Brown

Packaging: 50/Per Box

Ships: 3 Weeks

Price Per Box
$280.00 Per Box
$252.00 Per Box
$224.00 Per Box
50 Per Box
Ships in 2-3 Weeks