Mini Film Mailer Kraft

Mailer,X-Ray FIlm with Chip Board,11"x13" 40Lb Brown Kraft. Button and String Closure. Black and Red Printing. 50 Per Carton.


MRI Film Mailer

MRI X-Ray Film Mailer, 15" x 18" -11 Point Manila Stock-Printed Standard Format, Blue and Red Ink. First Class Blue Diamond Border. Peal and Seal Closure. Packaged 50 per carton.


Standard Kraft Film Mailer

X-ray Film Mailer with Chipboard Insert, 15" x 18"- Durable, Open end Design with Button and String Closure, Brown Kraft Color, Printed with "X-ray Film Please Do Not Bend" in Bold Red Ink,Packaged 50 Per Carton