X-Ray Film Jackets, Procedural Film Insert Envelopes, Mailing envelopes, including MRI mailing envleopes; In addtion we offer film carts, numerical color coded label and other products for the radiology areas.
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Film Jackets
Select stock Film Jackets uniquely designed for x-ray film. We offer master film jackets, mammography jackets, teaching jackets, loan jackets and many other all purpose jackets. Film Jackets are available with pockets, printing, in varying sizes. Custom printing and design of Film jackets are also available.
Category Film Inserts
ZPC has over 75 stock insert envelopes for organizing films within a Master X-Ray Jacket. Inserts are available in various sizes and openings
Mailing Envelopes For X-Ray Film
ZPC offers X-Ray Film Mailers to transport films and media of all sizes. We have designed mailers for standard film, smaller films, CD's and Master Film Jackets. Select from various print copy and closure types.
Radilogy File Room Supplies
ZPC has filing supplies and equipment that are specifically designed for your Radiology Department. We offer film carts, report folders, radiology labels, x-ray shelving, film storage boxes and many other filing products.