FILING SYSTEM LABELS, alphabetical and numeric color coded labels, year code and date labels.  ZPC has in stock Alphabetical Starter Kits for new color coded filing systems.
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How To Start A Color Coded Filing System
Alphabetical or numeric label systems may be utilized with any new system. The benefits of color coded systems are a reduction in misfiles and ability to locate missing records quickly thru the use of color. We offer our 2110 System Starter Kit for alphabetic color coding and our 4200 System for numerical color coding.
Alphabetical Label Systems
Zack Products has designed alphabetical color coded labeling systems for both top tab and end tab filing applications. Our 2110 system is packaged in an attractive binder and is ideal for use with end tab filing systems.
Numeric Label Systems
ZPC has designed the most vibrant and efficient color coded systems in the industry. Our most popular 4200 Numeric label system is packaged in a roll format with 10 distinctively different colors ideal for use with any size folder, jacket or pocket. Select from a variety of our stock label systems
Year and Month Labels
Date sensitive labels to assist with retrieval and purging of File Documents.  Year Code Labels and month labels are color coded, visually indicating the Charts latest activity.
Filing Labels
Increase the longevity of your File Folders with our Repair Labels.