We offer a wide variety of stock Employee Personnel Folder Units and Indexing Divider Sets.  Also Personnel Files designed for the Health Care Employee .  Custom design to your exact specifications.

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Human Resource Hanging Folder Unit 7650 Series
Human Resource Folder Unit, Hanging, for Pull Drawer Filing Systems - Organizes employee information and history. Data is easier to locate and retrieve. Available in five (5) folder colors
Human Resource End Tab Folder Unit 3650 Series
Human Resource Folder, End Tab ,Used In Open Shelf Filing Systems, Heavy Duty Pressboard, Letter Size, Stock Print On Front, 2" Gray Tyvek Expansion, Info2Sort® File Fastener In Position #5, equipped with eight (8) Index Tabs Installed Available in (6) Colors Packaged 25/Box
Human Resource Folder
Human Resource Unit, Top Tab ,Used In Pull Drawer Filing Systems,Heavy Duty Pressboard, Letter Size, Maroon Stock Printing On Front, 2" Tyvek Expansion, Available in five (5) Colors Includes Dividers, 8 Titles. Packaged 25/Box
Employee Personnel Record End Tab  7513  Series
7513 Series, End Tab Employee Record  Folder Units.   Each Unit Includes Human Resource Indexing Set and Info2Sort® File Fastener. Packaged 25 Units/Box.  Available in Six (6)  Pressboard Colors.
Human Resource Build-a-Folder 7281 Series

Build a folder unit to your exact specifications!  The 7281 Series are printed on the folder front designating Human Resources Department, Confidential. Select your folder style, (Top Tab, End Tab or Hanging), colors, file fasteners or indexing requirements to meet your exact requirements!  Custom solutions delivered in 4 weeks!